Smart ContractOpen and transparentEconomical & efficientHigh accuracy

Smart contracts are a set of commitments defined in digital form, which control data assets and contain the rights and obligations agreed upon by the contract participants, which are automatically executed by the computer system.

Advantages of smart contracts
Decentralized 1.Composed of decentralized nodes with high resistance to attack
2. Diversity, each node has its own characteristics and value
Open and transparent Smart contracts are deployed on the blockchain, so the contract content is open and transparent.
Immutable Smart contracts are deployed on the blockchain, and their content cannot be tampered with.
Run forever Smart contracts are maintained by network nodes on the blockchain. As long as the blockchain exists, the contract can run forever.
Economical & efficient Smart contracts avoid differences through computational language. In smart contracts, as soon as the arbitration result appears, it will be implemented immediately, which has the advantages of economy and efficiency.
High accuracy Smart contracts do not require human involvement, so errors are eliminated and the accuracy of the contract is improved.

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