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Innovation and Technology Commission
What's TVP?
In order to deliver the technical certificate, one new fund for the Innovation and Technology Fund has been established. The maximum number of fund for applicant is 200,000 dollars.

Hong Kong Productivity Council
Zero sales human resource demand management department technical support plan: Provide a pro-rata amount method of funding, and provide 50% funding for opening the most catchable items immediately in the enterprise. This is the largest number of private enterprises with the largest possible catch of joint port money of 50,000 dollars. Successful harvesting of sub-six months completed.

Bringing together SME funding platforms: HKSARFund is committed to collecting different funding schemes for SMEs in Hong Kong. If you are not sure which funding is appropriate? If you have problems during the application process? If you already have a project but cannot find a suitable service provider? HKSARFund welcomes you to contact HKSARFund directly.

WeChat Official Accouints Platform
Account Types, Service Account: Gives companies and organizations powerful business services and user management capabilities to quickly reach and better serve users. Subscription Account: Provides media and individuals a new way to post stories and information, innovating author-reader interaction and content management. Mini Program: Empowers developers and businesses to revolutionize their services on WeChat with convenient development and an excellent user experience.